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What kind of debts can you get rid of in a bankruptcy?


•    Auto Accidents
•    Auto Loans
•    Bounced Checks
•    Citation To Discover Assets
•    Credit Cards
•    Check to Cash Loans
•    Electric and Gas Bills
•    Equity Lines
•    Foreclosure
•    Garnishments
•    Income Taxes
•    Judgments
•    Landlords and Rent
•    Law Suits
•    Medical Bills
•    Mortgages
•    Parking Tickets

•    Payday Loans
•    Student Loans
•    Suspended Driver’s License
•    Title Loans
•    Tollway Violations
•    Utility Bills

Auto Accidents, Parking Tickets and Toll Violations:

Bankruptcy can get your driver’s license back in one day.
If your driver’s license is suspended you may be able to get it back by filing for bankruptcy. If your license is suspended because you were in an accident, if you owe parking tickets, or if you owe toll violations, bankruptcy can help. For more details on using bankruptcy to get your driver’s license back click here.

Auto Loans and Title Loans:

Filing Bankruptcy can reduce your auto loan payment or get rid of repossession charges.
In some cases bankruptcy can be used to change the terms on an auto loan. We may be able to change your payments if:
•    you are behind on an auto loan;
•    you cannot afford the payments on your car;
•    the interest is too high; or
•    you are paying more than the car is worth.Find out if bankruptcy can help you with your situation. Contact us now so you can find out about your options.

Bounced Checks:

Filing Bankruptcy can get rid of the debts caused by bouncing checks, but you must be careful.
If you have charges resulting from a bounced check you can get rid of these debts in a bankruptcy. However, if you bounce checks in a way that could be considered intentional you may be subject to criminal prosecution. In order to find out how to best handle your situation contact us now and speak to an attorney. We can help you to make a plan to get you out of trouble.

Citation to Discover Assets, Garnishments, Lawsuits and Judgments:

Bankruptcy will stop them all.

As your creditors become more aggressive they will take you to court to try to collect from you. Their first step in court is to sue you so they can get a Judgment. The Judgment is a court order stating that you officially owe them money. Once they have a Judgment they can use that to put a lien on your house, freeze your bank account or garnish your wages.

If they don’t already know where you work or where your assets are then they will bring a Citation to Discover Assets. This is where they bring you back into court and force you to disclose where you work and where all of your assets are. This is a very serious matter. If you fail to attend this type of hearing they can issue a warrant for your arrest! Bankruptcy can stop any of these processes at any stage. Don’t wait until the sheriff is at your door. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

Foreclosures, Mortgages and Equity Lines:











Bankruptcy can help in amazing ways.

Bankruptcy can stop a foreclosure and force a delinquent mortgage into a repayment. It can even be used to get rid of a mortgage for pennies on the dollar.






State and Federal Income Taxes:


Yes, Bankruptcy can even help with taxes.

Bankruptcy can be used to get rid of State and Federal Income Taxes. A variety of factors go into determining if the taxes can be discharged. In order to get rid of taxes under a Chapter 7 they have to be at least three years old and they have to have been properly filed. If you owe taxes we can review them to determine if they can be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Even if they cannot be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we can still force them into a reasonable repayment plan under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Contact us now to find out how we can help you with your tax debt.

Student Loans

They are difficult to get rid of, but not impossible.

It is possible to get rid of student loans in a bankruptcy, however it is very difficult. You have to demonstrate a special level of hardship that is beyond the normal standard for bankruptcy. Even if we cannot discharge the student loans in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is still possible to force your student loans into a repayment plan or into a long term deferral with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


Contact us now to find out how we can help you with your student loans.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you with your student loans.

“How a 29-year old student loan ended in an arrest” – CBS Money Watch

“U.S. Marshals Arrest Houston Man for 1987 Student Loan Debt” –NBC News

“Why the percentage of past due student loans remains stubbornly high” – The Washington Post

“Guy arrested during student-debt collection has to reimburse US Marshals $1,200 for his arrest” –Business Insider

Credit cards:
We get rid of credit card debt with almost every filing.

One of the most common debts that we get rid of in bankruptcy is credit cards. Once upon a time, credit cards were only given to people with high income and a good credit history. In the 1980s the credit card companies found out that they can make a huge profit by giving credit cards to people who could not afford them. Their enormous profit comes not only from the outrageous interest rates but also from the late charges and credit limit penalties that even the most careful people tend to incur.

Removing the monthly burden of credit card payments can be life changing event. We have helped thousands of clients free themselves from millions in credit card debt. Let us help you.

Gas, Electric and Other Utilities:
Bankruptcy can force them to turn your service back on tomorrow.

It is a particular hardship when good people cannot afford the basics like gas and electric service. The utility companies will allow families to suffer without the basic services unless they pay hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars to get their services restored.
We can get rid of your debt to the utility companies. If they have already turned off your service for nonpayment we can force them to turn your service back on. In many cases we have been able to get the services turned on within one day. Contact the Sexner Law Group LLC to find out how we can get your service restored today.


Medical Bills:
It is the most common reason people file for bankruptcy.

It is no secret that health care costs are spinning out of control. According to the American Journal of Medicine over 60% of bankruptcies are the result of medical bills. A simple hospital stay can cost $10,000.00. A serious hospital stay can cost as much as a house. This does not include the costs associated with missing work. No one can afford this.

Even if a person has good health insurance they can owe $20,000.00 or more from a single hospital stay. The pain and stress of medical problems is bad enough without the additional hardship and suffering caused by the medical debts that follow. At the Sexner Law Group we understand your pain and we are here to help.

Landlords & Rent:

These creditors are often aggressive and unfair, but bankruptcy can make them go away.

If you leave an apartment before your lease is finished the landlord can hold you responsible for the months left on the lease even though you are not living there. This can run into thousands of dollars. Another cause of debt from landlords can come from claims that you did not leave the rental in perfect condition. We can get rid of these debts in bankruptcy. It is difficult to move on to a new life with old landlords chasing after you. We have helped many clients with their past landlord problems through filing bankruptcy. Let us help you.

Payday & Check to Cash Loans:

These are the loans of last resort and the highest interest rates.

As a person’s credit is used up the last places they can find cash are Payday and Check Cashing Loans. These loans usually have unreasonable interest rates. The only people who take them are those who have no other choice. The lenders know this and that is how they take advantage of people. We can get rid of Payday & Check to Cash Loans as part of the bankruptcy.

Normally people who take Payday Loans are already having financial difficulties; the Payday Loan is often the final straw. Before you make the next payment on your Payday Loan or Check Cashing Loan contact us to find out how we can help.

Auto Accidents, Parking Tickets, & Toll Violations
Auto Loans and Title Loans
Bounced Checks
Citation to Discover assests, garnishments, law suits & judgements
Foreclosures, Mortgages, & Equity Lines
State and Federal Income Taxes
Student Loans
Credit Cards
Gas, Electric and Other Utilities
Medical Bills
Landlords & Rent
Payday & Check to Cash Loans
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